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Olivia Jones

When I saw Olivia for the first time, I thought she was perfect. Long leg, Slender body with a great beauty face. She is young and sophisticated and humble.

A note from Olivia:

Sweet and irresistible… I am the perfect match for Sara

I am sophisticated with an ease that makes you feel as if we’ve known each other for much longer.

Who is Olivia?... Sexy and alluring, I am a 6' model with legs to kill and an amazing smile... beauty and brains, the whole package. I am easy going and very affectionate with a welcoming touch. I have the longest legs you’ve seen, a slim waist and amazing style. Sara and I know how to brighten a room with our presence, let us be your oasis for pleasure. I have a personal interest in technology specifically artificial intelligence. The world exhilarates me and I can't wait to tell you more. If you would like to reach out to me personally I can be reached at

Diana Prague

She is from the Czech Republic and moved to NYC. She always gave me positive vibes with A sweet face. with A sweet face and big heat.