そのほかは全てFly me to you のみ受け付けます。

Hi, I didn’t update my blog for a whileI will start to write in Japanese.

SESTA/FOSTA was passed by the Senate on march 21.

The bill puts sex workers in dangers, financial difficulties and destroying our life everything. Major escort adverting platform, website, craigslist, Backpage were closed. Of course, SESTA/FOSTA isn't big news among Japanese new site, I have to check google news and twitter to get the news and resources are related with the bill .

No one expected this day was coming that Backpage and cracker were seized by the FBI. I went on tour in Newyork and HongKong last year and  I didn’t stay in Tokyo. I called this lifestyle as a nomad life. This work is a secret society and I really loves this job. Being an escort is new and exciting and I met really wonderful girls and great clients who I couldn’t meet in day time work. I came to remember how to speak English. I am still struggling with reading and writing. I met wonderful girls in the world. Adriana ,Olivia, Rebecca,Stella.

Now I will settle down in Tokyo for a while and work here. I will not stop this job, but I have to see the situation until everything settles down in America and Canada. I accept only visiting your city by request. Fly me to you.


I look forward to meeting you in tokyo.




New Website!

Finally I could update my website やっと終わりました.本当に疲れましたよ。Im not capable of IT.

I am so happy to finish my new old domain had so much problem since I bought.New domain is

Tokyo is rainy day from 2 weeks ago.Now I focus on next shooting and update more blog!